The Fungal Genetics Stock Center
N. crassa two linkage groups marked
FGSC# Genotype Allele Linkage Group  
212   cot-1 ylo-1   C102(t);Y30539y   IVR VIL   More info
1117   mtr;ylo-1   6(r);ylo-1   IVR;VIL   More info
2078   ad-6;ws-1   RP102;RP99   IVR;VIR   More info
2949   chol-1;chol-2   34486;47904(t)   IVR;VIL   More info
2956   gul-5;cot-1   BAT26-2;C102(t)   VI;IVR   More info
4192   uvs-3;ylo-1 pan-2   ALS11;Y30539y B5(Y154M64)   IVL;VIC-R   More info
4193   uvs-3;ylo-1 pan-2   ALS11;Y30539y B5(Y154M64)   IVL;VI-CR   More info
4621   cot-1;ylo-1   C102(t);Y30539y   IVR;VIL   More info
5271   pan-2;cot-1   1-153-96 C102(t)   VIR;IVR   More info
5272   pan-2;cot-1   1-153-96 C102(t)   VIR;IVR   More info

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