The Fungal Genetics Stock Center
Neurospora- Strains used as testers to determine the extent and type of genetic damage in the ad-3 and immediately adjacent regions
FGSC# Genotype Allele Linkage Group  
5039   lys-4 al-2;cot-1;inl;pan-2   ST3954 1-112-38;C102(t);JH319   IR R;IVR;VR;VIR   More info
5040   his-3 al-2;cot-1;inl;pan-2   1-152-111 1-112-38;C102(t);JH319;1-153-96   IR IR;IVR;VR;VIR   More info
5053   ad-3BR + RLCL   12-9-65   IR   More info
5054   ad-3AR + RLCL   12-9-167   IR   More info
5055   ad-3BR + RLCL   12-9-88   IR   More info
5056   ad-3AR + RLCL   12-10-753   IR   More info

Please remember, Aspergillus strains should have the letter "A" before their FGSC number.

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