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Neurospora- Multiple morphological-mutant stocks
FGSC# Genotype Allele Linkage Group  
9366   col-15;spco-9   R2531,R2480   IIIR,VR   More info
9367   smco-6;col-17   R2477,B5   VR,VII   More info
9368   smco-5;col-17   R2442,B5   I,VII   More info
9369   spco-4;col-15   R2367,R2531   VII,IIIR   More info
9370   smco-6;col-15   R2477,R2531   VR,IIIR   More info
9371   smco-4;col-16   R2435, R2539   IVR, IIIR   More info
9372   spco-4;fr   R2367,B110   VIIL,IL   More info
9373   smco-6;fr   R2477,B110   VR,IL   More info
9374   spco-4;pk   R2367,B6   VIIL,VR   More info
9375   spco-11;col-17   R2502,B5   IL,VII   More info
9376   smco-6;col-1   R2477,Y8743c   VR,IVR   More info
9377   spco-11;col-1   R2502,Y8743c   IL,IVR   More info
9378   spco-11;col-8   R2502,R2356   IL,IVR   More info
9379   spco-4;col-1   R2367,Y8743c   VII,IVR   More info
9380   smco-6;col-8   R2477,R2356   VR,IVR   More info
9381   spco-11;col-15   R2502,R2531   IL,IIIR   More info
9382   col-15;spco-7   R2531,R2365   IIIR,VIC   More info
9383   col-4;spco-11   70007c,R2502   IVR,IL   More info
9384   col-4;spco-10   70007c,R2488   IVR,VR   More info
9385   col-4;spco-9   B148,R2480   IVR,VR   More info
9386   col-4;spco-6   70007c,R2456   IVR,VIIL   More info
9387   col-4;spco-5   70007c,R2450   IVR,VII   More info
9388   spco-4;col-4   R2367,B148   VIIL,IVR   More info
9389   smco-7;col-4   R2497,70007c   VR,IVR   More info
9390   smco-6;col-4   R2477,B148   VR,IVR   More info
9391   same as 9424, smco-7;col-17   R2497,B5   VR,VII   More info
9392   smco-4;col-17   R2435,B5   IVR,VII   More info
9393   col-15;smco-7   R2531,R2497   IIIR,VR   More info
9394   col-16;fr   R2539,B110   IIIR,IL   More info
9395   col-4;fr   70007c,B110   IVR,IL   More info
9396   spco-11;spco-10   R2502,R2488   IL,VR   More info
9397   smco-8;smco-6   R2505,R2477   IVR,VR   More info
9398   col-8;col-17   R2356,B5   IVR,VII   More info
9399   col-16;spco-5   R2539,R2450   IIIR,VII   More info
9400   smco-6;col-16   R2477,R2539   VR,IIIR   More info
9401   col-16;smco-5   R2539,R2442   IIIR,I   More info
9402   col-16;spco-10   R2539,R2488   IIIR,VR   More info
9403   smco-7;col-16   R2497,R2539   VR,IIIR   More info
9404   Do not list? col-16;spco-6   R2539,R2456   IIIR,VIIL   More info
9405   col-4;spco-12   70007c,R2510   IVR,IL   More info
9406   spco-11;gran   R2502,B42   IL,VR   More info
9407   gran;col-1   B42,Y8743c   VR,IVR   More info
9408   gran;col-17   B42,B5   VR,VII   More info
9409   smco-7;fr   R2497,B110   VR,IL   More info
9410   col-16;gran   R2539,B42   IIIR,VR   More info
9411   spco-6;gran   R2456,B42   VIIL,VR   More info
9412   spco-4;gran   R2367,B42   VIIL,VR   More info
9413   gran;fr   B42,B110   VR,IL   More info
9414   smco-9;col-16   R2508,R2539   IVR,IIIR   More info
9415   spco-6;smco-9   R2456,R2508   VIIL,IVR   More info
9416   col-16;pk   R2539,B6   IIIR,VR   More info
9417   sp;fr   B1405,B110   VR,IL   More info
9418   spco-12 fr   R2510,B110   IL   More info
9419   col-4 cot-1   B148,C102(t)   IVR   More info
9420   mcb;col-17   RM110-5,B5   VR,VII   More info
9421   spco-4;cot-1   R2367,C102(t)   VIIL,IVR   More info
9422   cot-1;gran   C102(t),B42   IVR,VR   More info
9423   smco-7;cot-1   R2497,C102(t)   VR,IVR   More info
9424   smco-7;col-17   R2497,B5   VR,VII   More info
9425   spco-4;col-17   R2367,B5   VIIL,VII   More info
9426   sn;fr   C136,B110   IC,IL   More info
9427   gran;spco-12   B42,R2510   VR,IL   More info
9428   cot-1;gna-1   C102(t), ?   IVR, IIIR   More info
9429   sn;col-15   C136,R2531   IC,IIIR   More info
9430   smco-7;cnb-1   R2497, ?   VR, ?   More info
9431   smco-6;sn   R2477,C136   VR,IC   More info
9432   col-16;spco-7   R2539,R2365   IIIR,VIC   More info
9433   smco-5;cnb-1   R2442, ?   I,?   More info
9434   spco-11 fr   R2502,B110   IL   More info
9435   col-16;spco-9   R2539,R2480   IIIR,VR   More info
9436   gran;ipa   B42,BVS7   VR,IL   More info
9437   smco-5;col-1   R2442,Y8743c   I,IVR   More info
9438   col-16;col-4   R2539,B148   IIIR,IVR   More info
9439   smco-8;spco-4   R2505,R2367   IVR,VIIL   More info
9440   cot-1;col-16   C102(t),R2539   IVR,IIIR   More info
9441   cot-1;fr   C102(t),B110   IVR,IL   More info
9442   cot-1;col-17   C102(t),B5   IVR,VII   More info
9443   smco-8 cot-1   R2505,C102(t)   IVR   More info
9444   scr;fr   24-013(t),B110   IIR,IL   More info
9445   smco-7;gna-1   R2497, ?   VR,IIIR   More info
9446   spco-6;fr   R2456,B110   VIIL,IL   More info
9447   smco-7;cr-1   R2497,B74   VR,IR   More info
9448   col-16;mcb   R2539,RM110-5   IIIR,VR   More info
9449   col-16 gna-1   R2539, ?   IIIR   More info
9450   gna-1 col-15   ? , R2531   IIIR   More info
9451   smco-7 gran   R2497,B42   VR   More info
9452   spco-4;smco-7   R2367,R2497   VIIL,VR   More info
9453   spco-4;gna-1   R2367, ?   VIIL, IIIR   More info
9454   col-4;gna-1   70007c, ?   IVR, IIIR   More info
9455   smco-8 col-4   R2505,B148   IVR   More info
9456   smco-7 mcb   R2497,RM110-9   VR   More info
9457   col-15;fr   R2531,B110   IIIR,IL   More info
9458   mcb;fr   RM110-9,B110   VR,IL   More info
9459   col-4;gran   B148,B42   IVR,VR   More info
9460   mcb;spco-4   RM110-9,R2367   VR,VIIL   More info

Please remember, Aspergillus strains should have the letter "A" before their FGSC number.

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