Summary of the four different Neurospora Awards




a. Criteria: This award was established in 2004 by the Neurospora community to recognize the contributions of Dr. Robert Metzenberg to science, and to promote the work of others in the spirit of Metzenberg. The award will be given to a Neurospora worker, at any stage of career development, whose innovative achievements/contributions have significantly advanced our understanding of biology (Neurospora and beyond). The critical work would preferably, but not necessarily, have been done within the previous four years.


b. Venue of award: The award is given to one researcher every two to four years at the International Fungal Genetics Meeting.  Bob will be asked to present the award to the recipient.


c. Nature of prize: Memorabilium plus up to $1000 towards travel/meeting expenses if required.  The awardee will be invited to give a special lecture at the following Neurospora meeting.


d.  Nominations:  For the first year, nominations will come from the NPC.  Subsequently, nominations will be solicited from the community.  Candidates will require one nomination letter and a CV.  These will be sent to the chair of the NPC and appropriate candidate applications will be forwarded to the selection committee. All materials will need to be submitted to the NPC by Dec 1.  


d. Selection committee: Eight prominent scientists, including an equal number of Neurospora and non-Neurospora researchers. One Neurospora member will include the chair of the NPC.  Selection committee members will be chosen every 4 years by the NPC.  One goal is to have several members serve for at least two consecutive terms. Nominations will be given to the selection committee by the NPC by Jan 1.  A decision will be required by Feb 1 for announcement in the FG program.


e. Frequency: The Award will be made every 2 – 4 year at the discretion of the NPC





a. Criteria This award was established in 2002 by the community of Neurospora scientists in recognition of outstanding and original research using Neurospora as a model organism. This award is intended for young investigators whereby the award will help to advance their careers and to give more visibility to Neurospora as a research organism.


b. Venue of the award: The award is given to one researcher every two years at the Neurospora conference in Asilomar. The recipient is asked to give the Beadle and Tatum award lecture at the meeting.


c. Nature of the prize: Reproductions of four original drawings prepared by George Beadle are given to the recipient. The originals are kept at FGSC.


d.  Nominations:  These are solicited from the community using the Neurospora e-newsletter.  Nominations should include a letter of nomination and a CV of the candidate and be sent to the NPC chair by Dec 1. The NPC will review the nominations and forward these to the Selection Committee by Jan1.


e.  Selection Committee: A group of up to 8 distinguished scientists review the nominations forwarded by the NPC and select the recipient by Feb 1. This committee is arranged by the NPC and includes one member of the NPC.

The awardee will be notified prior to the meeting.





a. Criteria: This award was established in honor of our colleague, Dr. David Perkins, to support outstanding students and postdocs attending the Neurospora and Fungal Genetics Conferences.


b. Venue of the award: The award will be presented at either the Fungal Genetics Conference or the Neurospora Conference, preferably at the Neurospora conference banquet or at the Neurospora business lunch at the Fungal Genetics Conference.  Each awardee will be asked to present their research findings at the meeting.


c.  Nature of the prize:  Awards of up to $400 to one graduate student and one postdoctoral scientist each year.


d.  Nominations:  Nominations are solicited from the Neurospora community via the Neurospora e-newsletter.  Nominations for Perkins Fund Awardees should be made in the form of a one-page letter from the candidate’s research advisor. This letter should include a 200 word or less description of why the individual’s work is exceptional. Up to two re-prints or pre-prints of published research may also be included with the nomination. Nominations need to be received by Dec 1.


e. Selection Committee: Evaluation of the nominations are overseen by the Neurospora Policy Committee. Award decisions will be made by Feb 1. The awardees will be notified prior to the meeting.





  1. Criteria. These awards are made in recognition of the fact that a significant part of the success of Neurospora as a model research organism is due to the collaborative nature of its research community. Certain individuals who have made exceptional contributions towards community will be acknowledged by the awards.
  2. Venue.  At each Neurospora meeting, two awards  will be made to individuals of any rank who have made sustained exceptional contributions to the community.
  3. Nature of the Award.  Recipients will be presented with an appropriate trophy.
  4.  Nominations.   Nominations will be solicited in the E-news before each Neurospora meeting,
  5. Selection.  The two winners will be selected by the Neurospora Policy Committee.