(Note: all the mutant alleles and strains referred to can be found in the FGSC stock list.)


1. Screening for morphological mutants (after UV or nitrous acid mutagenesis).


2. A simple complementation test (al-1 aux-1 + al-2 aux-2). Aux represents any auxotrophic allele.


3. Using the per mutation to deduce the origin of the perithecial wall. (barrage in cross fl  x  fl per)


4. Reversion of ad-3 base pair transition mutations


5. Ascus patterns in crosses of normal x rearrangements unknown to the student.


6. Senescence “lifespans” in kalilo plasmid-containing strains, measured by serial subculturing.


7. Reconstructing the arginine pathway. (See G J Stein 1973 Laboratory Exercises in Genetics, Collier-Macmillan, New York, for FGSC strains and methods.)


8. Effect of temperature on growth of cot-1.


9. Selection for methyl tryptophan resistance. (This is an easy selection for forward mutations at one gene locus mtr.)


10.Suppressors of morphological mutations.


11. The mitochondrial mutant poky: crosses and cytochrome spectra. (See The Experimental Geneticist by P Saint Lawrence et al., 1974, W H Freeman & Co new York.)


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