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The FGSC is located in the
Department of Plant Pathology,
Kansas State University


Save the Dates!

Registration for the Fungal Pathogen Genomics Course 2019, hosted by the Wellcome Genome Campus Advanced Courses and Scientific Conferences, is now open.


The Fungal Pathogen Genomics course provides hands-on training on how to:


- Take advantage of unique tools offered by FungiDB, EnsemblFungi, PomBase, SGD/CGD, MycoCosm/JGI databases;

- Develop testable hypotheses;

- Investigate transcriptomics, proteomics and genomics datasets across multiple databases and different user interfaces.


More information and how to apply (limited bursaries are available): 



The Neurospora 2018 Conference at Asilomar will be held October 18- 21, 2018.

The FGSC moved from Kansas City to Manhattan Kansas (about 200 Km) in November 2014. This is the 4th time the FGSC has relocated since it was founded in 1960




Postdoctoral Positions at TU Wien


There is a recently established PhD program TU Wien bioactive with 10 open PhD positions. The program is highly interdisciplinary (informatics, biosciences, chemistry, biophysics, chemical engineering, and civil engineering), and we - as a team - aim to discover and produce bioactive substances in a sustainable way. You can find more information on our homepage:



Two USDA Postdoctoral Positions in Peoria IL


The positions are available in the Mycotoxin Prevention and Applied Microbiology (MPM) Research Unit at the USDA-ARS in Peoria. MPM scientists have an outstanding, internationally recognized record of discovery and publication regarding Fusarium biology and chemistry. These full-time positions are funded for 1 year ($61,218 + benefits) with the possibility of annual renewal for up to 4 years. The successful candidate must hold a PhD in biology, microbiology, chemistry or related field, be proficient in written and oral English, and be a US Citizen.


Both positions are for interdisciplinary projects aimed at controlling mycotoxin contamination in cereal grain.

Position 1 is focused on improving climate resilience of host disease resistance to Fusarium Head Blight of wheat in order to ensure food safety and security. Depending on her/his background and interests, a successful candidate will have the opportunity to work in one of the following areas: (1) impact of abiotic and biotic stress on host susceptibility; (2) effect of climate-induced changes in the environment on fungal virulence and mycotoxin production; and (3) influence of microbial interactions/phytobiome on plant disease and mycotoxin contamination. To apply, please email Martha Vaughan at


Position 2 is focused on harnessing meiotic drive elements to limit fumonisin mycotoxin contamination in corn. The project will involve (1) the molecular characterization of the natural meiotic drive element Spore killer in Fusarium and (2) development of a synthetic drive element using CRISPR/Cas9. For information, please email Daren Brown at immediately (June 19, 2018)



USDA ARS NRRL Culture Collection


There is an opportunity for a scientist to fill one vacant position at the USDA NRRL culture collection. This is an opportunity to conduct research on microbial diversity and contribute to curation of the NRRL. The position will be hired as a one-year contract.


Please contact Todd J. Ward, Ph.D., Director - ARS Culture Collection (NRRL)

Todd.Ward@ARS.USDA.GOV, 309-681-6394




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