Botrytis / Sclerotinia genomes workshop, Asilomar, march 20th 2005

Botrytis cinerea and Sclerotinia sclerotiorum are two fungal species belonging to the Leotiomycetes, specifically the Sclerotiniaceae, a family including these and other important necrotrophic fungal pathogens causing significant diseases on a large number of plants. Sequencing of Botrytis cinerea and Sclerotinia sclerotiorum genomes are currently ongoing at Genoscope and Broad Institute. The workshop will provide an update on these sequencing projects and will offer an opportunity to develop collaborative networks for annotation and post genomics including comparative genomics and biology. The workshop will also include brief reports on the evolution, population genetics, molecular plant pathology and developmental studies on these two fungal species. The workshop will also have the following objectives with the goal of coordinating the two projects for maximum research impact: 1. establishment of a chronology for completion of the sequencing, annotation, transcriptomics, and proteomics in each of the projects; 2. identification of common interests in comparative genomics through the parallel presentations on the two systems; and 3. designation of working groups to coordinate cooperative, comparative research.  The organizers encourage the active participation of attendees, including contact prior to the workshop between those individuals making parallel presentations on the same topic in order to harmonize the presentations.


Organizers: Linda Kohn, Marc-Henri Lebrun


Preliminary program


9h00 Comparative pathology, evolution and systematics (chair L. Kohn)

Introduction to the workshop, L. Kohn, Univ. Toronto, Canada, 5 min                     

Botrytis evolution/systematics/populations, E. Fournier, INRA, France, 15 min

Sclerotinia evolution/systematics/populations, L. Kohn, Univ. Toronto, Canada, 15 min

Botrytis pathology, J. Van Kan, Wageningen University, Netherlands, 15 min

Sclerotinia pathology, M. Dickman, Univ. Nebraska, USA, 15 min

Botrytis signaling pathways, B. Tudzynski, Univ. Munster, Germany, 15 min

Sclerotinia development, J. Rollins, Univ. Florida, USA, 15 min


10h40 Pause


11h00 Genomic projects (chair M-H Lebrun)

Overview of Botrytis genome project, S. Fillinger, INRA, France, 15 min

Overview of Sclerotinia genome project, C. Cuomo, Broad Institute, USA, 15 min

Discussion on genomic projects. Possible Topics:

Comparative Gene Annotation

Genome evolution

Functional genomics (reverse and forward genetics)



Setting up working groups on comparative projects

12h30 End




mail speakers/organizers:


Sabine Fillinger, Elisabeth Fournier, Marty Dickman, Christina Cuomo, Jeffrey A. Rollins, Kan, Jan van,  Bettina Tudzynski, Linda Kohn, Marc-Henri Lebrun, Dobinson, Katherine  dobinsonk@AGR.GC.CA