Fungal Genetics Stock Center Deposit Policies

The FGSC solicits deposit of significant strains of filamentous fungi including Neurospora, Aspergillus, genome sequenced strains, and other materials by arrangement. Please contact the FGSC before sending ANY MATERIALS.

Independent assessment has shown that materials in a public collection can have up to 2.5 times the numbers of citations as compared to similar materials held privately1.

The FGSC also solicits deposit of cloned genes, cloning vectors and related resources for work with filamentous fungi. We restrict distribution of molecular tools to non-profit entities.

If you have a large scale resource, an arrayed set, or a systematic strain construction program, please contact the FGSC when you are submitting your grant proposal. We typically require support for technician time and additional equipment that may be required. 

The FGSC is not a patent repository. In the US, the ATCC and the NRRL collection serve as the local IDAs.

All materials at the FGSC are considered to be in the public domain.

The FGSC does not offer safe-storage services or identification of unknown fungi. The FGSC normally will not hold strains without making them available. There are special circumstances under which we will restrict distribution.

All deposits should be accompanied by deposit sheets and reprints of any publications describing the strain or plasmid in question.

Strains should be sent as growing cultures on agar-solidified medium. It is best if they are stoppered with cotton or foam plugs.
Please do not send open tubes with unsecured plastic caps.

Stocks may also be sent as a few grains of silica gel, or as a spot of a conidial suspension on filter paper.
Plasmids may be sent as living E. coli stabs, as DNA suspension or as precipitated DNA. Please indicate the format on the deposit form.

Please DO NOT send plant pathogens without contacting the FGSC first. We are limited to strains for which we hold
a permit from the USDA and this only includes strains already in the FGSC collection. Any plant pathogens being sent
from foreign destinations MUST be sent with a specific import permit.


Please contact the FGSC before sending ANY MATERIALS.

Please send an electronic copy of the deposit form to prevent transcription errors.

An MS Word format deposit sheet for fungal strains.

A MS Word format deposit form for depositing plasmids or cloned genes to the FGSC.

1. Furman and Stern, 2011. American Economic Review, 101(5), 1933-1963.

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