Images of Neurospora crassa


Wildtype (74a)
 (FGSC 2489)
aconidiate (acon-2)
aconidiate (acon-3)
adherant (adh)
conidial separation (csp-1)
conidial separation (csp-2)
crosswall-less (cwl)
fluffy (fl)
fluffy; dingy (fl dn)
Pic a, Pic b, Pic c
fluffyoid (fld)
granular (gran)
Pic a, Pic b
  morphological (mo-2)
pile (pi)
ragged (rg-1)
scumbo (sc)
skin (sk)
frost (fr)
sponge (sp)
 Pic a, Pic b
  tangerine (tng)
Pic a, Pic b
Springer and Yanofsky (1989) Genes Dev. 3:559-571; or Springer (1993) BioEssays 15:365-374
A description of the images is available

These images were obtained using a  Philips 505 scanning electron microscope on 2% gluteraldehyde/1% paraformaldehyde fixed material treated with OsO4 and followed by HMDS. They were air dried and sputter-coated with 20 nm gold prior to imaging.
If you use them, you must credit Matt Springer and the FGSC.  They should not be used for commercial purposes.


Images of Neurospora morphological mutants in culture

aconidial adherent amycelial bald balloon button
carpet coil-1 col-1 col-4 col-8 col-12
col-15 col-16 col-17 col-18 col(B235r) col(119)
com cot-1 crisp csh cum curly
del dingy downy drift fi fl
frost granular it pokes along mad microcycle blastoconidiation medusa
melon mo patch peak  pi puff
rg rug scot scruffy scumbo shallow
shaggy sk smco-1 smco-4 smco-5 smco-6
smco-7 smco-8 smco-9 snowflake soft spray
spco-4 spco-5 spco-6 spco-7 spco-9 spco-10
spco-11 spco-12 spg ta tiny tangerine
tenuous velvet visible vivid wa Wild-type
Many of the images presented here were prepared by Olivera Gavric in the laboratory of Dr. AJF Griffiths
These images are available to researchers and educators for their personal and educational use. They may be freely used in educational presentations without restriction. They may not be repackaged, republished or incorporated in other electronic media presentations without written permission of the FGSC. They shall not be used for personal financial gain under any circumstances.

The images from the FGSC were generated by scanning cultures grown on Vogels minimal at room temperature (around 22- 25 C) with variable fluorescent lighting unless indicated otherwise.
Many of these images are high resolution.



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