Teaching with fungi

Neurospora in Teaching
From the Neurospora Newsletter # 10, 1966

Griffiths, A. J. F. A Neurospora experiment for an introductory biology course.
Neurospora Newsletter 26:12

Graham, K. M. Ordered tetrads from fl x cys-3.
Neurospora Newsletter 31:45

Study of a Biochemical Pathway in Neurospora
Robert L. Metzenberg
Notes for the biochemical pathway system
Sargent, M.L. eas strains of Neurospora for the classroom
Neurospora Newsletter 32:12-13

Experiments on Circadian Rhythms using the Easily Visualized Circadian Rhythm in Conidiation of Neurospora crassa
J. J. Loros, J.C. Dunlap, and Kathleen L. Triman

A genetics demonstration with Aspergillus (pdf)
Steve Denison

Enzyme and protein assays in Neurospora crassa. (pdf)
Kelly Keenan
    Instructors guide

Arginine biosynthetic pathway lab (pdf)
Kelly Keenan
    Instructors guide

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