2018 FGSC fee and shipping information

Fee listsa


1- 5 fungal strains

$50 for each strain

Additional strains up to 50b

$25 for each strain

Any plasmid, fosmid, cosmid or BAC

$50 Please request plasmids by NAME. Plasmids are not available to for-profit labs.

Arrayed Neurospora, Aspergillus, or Pichia knock-out mutants c

$200 for each plate

Complete sets of Neurospora KO mutants are presently unavailable
Arrayed Cryptococcus or Candida knock-out mutants and Saccharomyces setsc

$100 for each plate

Individual strains should be requested by plate and well.
Gene Library Pools


Vogels 50X salts 250 ml $50.00, 500 ml $100      Online Payment

a These fees were set at the October 27, 2018 FGSC Advisory Board meeting and supersede any other fee list.
b Please contact the FGSC if you need more than 50 strains.  
Arrayed mutant plates are only available as complete sets. If you want individual strains the individual mutant fees apply.
d Applies to all clients.
e Please contact the original depositor


All orders are to be pre-paid, or accompanied by an institutional purchase order. Materials will not be sent to personal addresses.

Credit card orders: After you place your material request, we will prepare an invoice and send it to you by e-mail. After you pay online we will send the materials.

Requests by Purchase order: After we receive your formal university purchase order, we will prepare your materials and send the invoice to the appropriate address at the same time as we send the materials. You may send your purchase order as an e-mail attachment to questions@fgsc.net  (pdf or JPG). Checks should be made payable to the Fungal Genetics Stock Center and be drawn on a US Bank.

Payments by electronic fund transfer (Wire transfer) will include a $35 fee and must be coordinated with the FGSC staff.

Materials are for research use only and not for human consumption or for preparation of any drugs, cosmetics, or nutritional supplements. Genetically modified materials must be maintained in appropriate containment and may not be released into the environment. Orders by third-parties are not allowed.

All of the materials in the FGSC collection are maintained in trust for the public and while we test every strain, clone and library to the best of our ability, we make no warranty as to their suitability for any use. All materials are sent on an as-is basis and we limit our liability to the fees received.  Our MTA, formally a "click-through MTA,"  is part of the online material request form.  Listing of materials on the FGSC website in no way obliges the FGSC to provide these materials.

If you receive materials from the FGSC, you are agreeing to cite the following article:  McCluskey K, Wiest A, Plamann M. 2010. The Fungal Genetics Stock Center: a repository for 50 years of fungal genetics research. J Biosci. 35(1):119-26.

Fee Waivers
The FGSC can waive part of our fees for researchers who do not have funding. Please fill out this form and send it to the FGSC by e-mail.
Fee waivers are generally not available for molecular reagents (KO mutant sets, plasmids, libraries) and the recipient should be able to pay shipping. The FGSC is expected to be self supporting and has no external grants to support its core activities. Clients who benefit from the FGSC are expected to help support the collection.

Permits and Import Fees
It is the responsibility of the recipient to obtain all appropriate import permits. The FGSC requires permits be produced prior to shipping materials.
International shipments can be significantly delayed if permits are not correct. You may wish to retain an Import Broker, at your destination to simplify customs and health clearance. Clients in China may only obtain materials if they have an import broker. Please contact www.sinozhongyuan.com or yingfanbiotech.com

Shipping Estimated range
Overnight shipping, domestic (FedEx) $15 - $25
2nd day air, domestic (FedEx) $9 - $18
Domestic shipping (FedEx 3rd-day) $7 - $12
International Express (Fed Ex Priority) $45 - $100
International (Fed Ex Economy) $25 - $60
Some foreign destinations are only served by International Air Mail $5
The additional shipping fee can be avoided by billing shipping directly your own FedEx or UPS account.  


Frequently Asked Questions

The FGSC pricing scheme is designed to help us to cover the cost of curating, preparing, and delivering materials. The FGSC can only send materials because of the long support of the US National Science Foundation although we no longer receive support from the NSF.

Shipping format
All shipments from the FGSC are sent "FCA." The FGSC will arrange shipping, but any duties, taxes or import fees are the responsibility of the recipient.

Fungal strains from the FGSC are generally sent as growing cultures.
Most strains can be shipped within a week. Some require more effort to revive and can take longer. Please consult us if there are any concerns about delays.

Plasmid, cosmid, fosmid, or BAC clones are usually shipped after overnight growth and will arrive as a living E. coli stab on LB medium within the US.

Plasmids sent to foreign destinations may be sent as DNA spotted on filter paper or as living stabs.

Please read the WFCC statement on shipping biological materials

The FGSC is part of the Kansas State University and as such is a non-profit organization.


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If you anticipate needs other than those described above, please contact the FGSC 

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