Neurospora crassa and Other Neurospora species

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Cloned genes and gene libraries
Including libraries from the genome projects

Neurospora Functional  Genomics Project Strains

Knockout strains are listed in the FGSC database (search here)

 The Dunlap lab at Dartmouth maintains a web-archive with a complete cross referencing list

Arrayed mutants sets  
We have arrayed ko mutants into 96-well plates. They are available as glycerol stocks, shipped frozen in dry ice. 
This page also contains information on non-authentic knock-outs as well as unlinked 'soft' mutants.

SNP primer sets
are available and are described in Genetics 181:767-781
We have frozen primers in 96 well format as sent from IDT and can send them frozen on dry ice.

Several cDNA libraries are available from the FGSC

The Knockout kit can be viewed here for people who want to make their own KOs.
The sequence of the pCSN44 is here.

Special groups of strains are available from the following personal collections:

The Tatum collection
Dr. David D. Perkins (Wild and mutant strains)
Dr. Mary Case (pan-2)
Dr. Anne Lacy (trp-3)
Dr. John Fincham (am)
Dr. Fred DeSerres (ad-3)
Dr. Etta Kafer

Contact the FGSC for details.

Alan Radford's Neurospora crassa gene list (at Leeds)

2001 Neurospora compendium

The Neurospora crassa genetic map (from the FGN)

Images of Neurospora crassa

Neurospora videos

Key to Symbols

Key to genetic background nomenclature

A description of Neurospora's status in regard to laboratory safety requirements

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