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The U.S. Federation for Culture Collections (USFCC) is a society whose purpose is to further the science and practice of culture maintenance and systematic microbiology. The USFCC publishes a quarterly Newsletter (a recent issue can be viewed online) and it organizes seminars, workshops, and roundtable discussions on the study and preservation of microbial cultures. The USFCC also sponsors the J. Roger Porter Award for recognition of research and other contributions related to culture collections.

USFCC Dormant

The USFCC has not had any formal activities since 2002 other than providing support for the J. Roger Porter Award through the American Society for Microbiology.

For additional information on US culture collections please visit the US Culture Collection Network site. The USCCN is sponsored by grant DBI-1534564 from the US NSF

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                       Vice President: Micah Krichevsky
Secretary: Cynthia Wang
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Executive Board: Martha Beyazova and Fred Rainey

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